BioDesign for BioRemediation

design research thesis

BioDesign for Bioremediation weaves the story of a transdisciplinary journey a designer takes in the field of biodesign. Converging speculative design with first-hand experience from experiments produced in UC Davis’s TEAM Molecular Prototyping BioInnovation Lab (MPBIL) Lab, I worked alongside and in collaboration with synthetic biologists, soil microbiologists, radical mycologists and feminist futurists.

I put new methodologies into practice to test possible opportunities for the growing field of biodesign with a focus on microbial communities and site specific interventions that remediate contaminated environments of toxic industrial pollution. 

This project illustrates a plausible, speculative design narrative showing how converging science, design, and spatial ecology at all scales matters for a nature-rich future. 

My design research and concepts explore new methods, materials, and analytical devices, typically used in science disciplines, as design tools applied for the field of biodesign, a field I envision incorporating genomics and modular systems that integrate living, growing organisms to co-create structures that clean the environment.