Artist Bree Hylkema and Sean Orlando of the Five Ton Crane artist collective invited me to bring Bree's concept sketch to architectural, inhabitable and buildable scale. I produced the 3D/CAD modeling for fabrication of the main wooden structure of their project. 

Storied Haven's rough concept sketches had to be translated to an architectural scale and building system that not only enabled it to be inhabitable and big enough for people to climb safely and easily through, but also be designed with modular construction techniques in mind. The giant, 25 ft. tall boot needed to be designed to fit in their one-story fabrication warehouse during various construction phases, be able to be systematically constructed with an expedited build schedule, and have its main components fit onto a flat-bed truck to haul it hundreds of miles away without requiring an expensive, "oversized" permit for transporting 350 miles away. 

This was a fun design challenge that helped produce enchanting results.

Storied Haven was temporarily installed at Burning Man in 2015 then moved to a more permanent home in Paradise Ridge Winery's Sculpture Garden until 2020.

Additional technical drawings can be viewed under the general "3D Renderings + CAD samples" in my Industrial Design projects.


Lead Artist Bree Hylkema
Production Management Five Ton Crane Artist Collective
Structural Engineer RBHU