design associate

Rebar Art and Design Studio, stylized as REBAR, was an interdisciplinary studio founded in 2004 and based in San Francisco, United States, operating at the intersection of art, design and activism. The group's work encompassed visual and conceptual public art, landscape design, urban intervention, temporary performance installation, digital media and print design. Rebar's projects often intersected with contemporary urban ecology, new urbanism, and psychogeography practices and theory.

Rebar closed its doors in 2014. I had the privilege to work at Rebar for its last few years until this happened and the next chapter opened. Morelab, initiated by Rebar founder Matt Passmore, became the split-off of Rebar in 2014 to continue its public art and smaller-scale urban design interventions. Other Rebar co-founders, John Bela and Blaine Merker, went on to continue similar work under Gehl Architects, an urban design and planning firm, at a larger scale.