experiments in emergent materials + AUTONOMOUS SCENARIOS

Experiments in growing mediums for a renewable resources and environmental remediation, emergent forms and experiences, and possibly even some autonomous built environments ...because why not?

In order to surpass our present means of constructing and maintaining our built environments, Architecture must grow. The objective of this research is to design a self-sustaining system that absorbs life and change while the structures themselves persist and mature with time.

As engineered materials and new technologies become available, architecture must converge with other disciplines to look to renewable building materials and energy integration for urban design strategies. A water treatment plant becomes a farm becomes a memorial to how humans used to be; harvesting clean water and energy while propagating itself through time and space. By sustaining itself with the heavily polluted water of Los Angeles River, systems manifest growth through physical + social means by propagating structures that evoke environmental awareness. Waste dumped by society fuels this bioreactor to converge art + science, recreation + industrialization, in an architectural system within the flows of the LA River.

Industrial toxins, CO2 emissions and storm drain run-off become the life-force of the system’s building components. Cultivating materials, the logics of nature and an urban environment are synchronized into growing architecture. Work from 2006-2007 has been a collective effort with MIT’s Dr. Ryan Wartena, Phd., Prof. John Hart, Phd. 

Nano spectroscopy images by Dr. John A. Hart and Dr. Ryan Wartena.