Process Reflection

Oct 30, 2018

As we develop and hone-in on concepts for a group exhibit, what I find the most exciting is the idea of installing and witnessing the fruits of our labors all in the same day. For, once we're installing that means that we've accomplished significant and creative work together, came up with and made agreements on a collective idea, made a plan on how we as a team will implement various aspects and had integrity in all of our parts, and then… then we made it happen. The act of co-creating with so many different personalities, styles, skill-sets, and ways of communicating is a lot of work and is exciting to experience the more it flows and works out - and it wouldn't be quite the experience without various hurdles and hiccups that are natural and inherent in these situations. But it's the thrill of seeing our work come together in context, in-situ, in action…and working. Now that's exciting!

Ok, so I must share what I'm not so excited about. I'm not particularly "excited" about eliminating any ideas off the table of possibilities - so many solid, thoughtful, and beautiful ideas that make one realize one must keep some of them in their back pocket and save them for another time. However, the aspect of all projects I ever work on that I dread - so much so that it risks overshadowing all other excitements - is naming the project. Ugh. Names, titles, catchy phrases, witty come-backs…not my thing for I see words as binding and sometimes set one up for misinterpretation, judgement, expectation, etc. What's in a name? Lots. It gets people's attention, or not. It sets the stage and aside from some post-card or website graphic, it's the thing that makes or breaks whether or not someone decides to go check something out. 

If I could have it one way, I'd combine the formal aesthetic of "Pixels for Peace" (just capitalize on the ceiling height more and have something floor to ceiling), the playful activities of Joy: Explored, and the combined spatial and inviting tactile qualities of the remaining options that proposed various ways of instilling a journey within an immersive environment.

So yeah, names. Bombs away.

-- Pixel Pop-up

--Joy: Explored 

   (I didn't come up with this one.

   It's just a really great title that works for many of the options)

-- Pillars of Play